Answer-First helps decision makers solve complex problems in domains where they have at least some beginning knowledge, face time constraints, and need to collaborate with teammates.

For teams already using hypothesis-driven workplanning, Answer-First replaces PowerPoint and paper. For teams new to the approach, Answer-First increases efficiency and helps prevent yield loss by framing all activities within the specific context of either proving or disproving decision-relevant hypotheses.

Instead of first collecting facts and then inferring conclusions from them (a diagnostic-first approach), Answer-First workplanning starts with creating a plausible hypothesis based on your early observations and judgement. Tasks are planned to specifically to test underlying assertions and then delegated across the team. As evidence is gathered through these tasks, hypotheses are refined and ultimately either accepted or rejected based on the team's findings.


Answer-First is an experimental project by Baker Shogry, built using Python + Django, PostgreSQL, Sass + Compass + Bootstrap, a touch of JavaScript, SendGrid, heroku, and other fantastic opensource projects including South, django-allauth, and django-mptt.

It's a learning playground and as such continues to evolve over time. Please feel free to email me or find me on Twitter @bashogry. Thanks!